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Beef Stir Fry


Just another stir fry I did tonight.


First, of course, I prepped all the ingredients. Then, I started by caramelizing the onion in peanut oil, in the cast iron skillet. I also continued adding peanut oil as necessary during cooking, and stirred frequently and vigorously during the whole process.

Added in the garlic, fried for a short bit then added the peanuts, ginger, and celery. Fried for a couple of minutes, then added the broccoli stalk and green bell pepper. Fried for another minute or two then added the spice mix, then dumped the sugar in an open part of the pan and let it start caramelizing, then mixed it in. Added the beef, fried it until it browned, then added the sherry. Let it reduce a bit, then added the tamari sauce and the broccoli floweretts. Added some flour to thicken it, cooked it until it thickened slightly, and then removed it from the heat and served

Results and Notes:

Ate it over brown rice. Not as good as some of my dishes, but better than the food we've been eating out lately. I haven't been cooking because of getting sick and then being tired.

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