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My mom called, and said, "Turn on channel 9 now, they're showing Julia Child making omelettes."

Oh, yeah, I have TV now, but that's another story.

Anyway, I switched to the TV input and watched the episode, it was really inspiring. For the plain omelette, she mixed the eggs with some parsley, pepper, salt, and water. She got a pan hot, then added about 1 tablespoon butter, it sizzled and foamed, and she added the "2-3" eggs. After about 4 seconds, she started swishing the omelette around in the pan, and then some number of seconds later, she flipped half of it over onto itself. To flip it, she did these little jerks where she pushed the pan away from herself, and then pulled it back sharply.

Once it was flipped, she scooted it around and then flipped it onto a plate by putting the plate over the pan, and then flipping them around. Then she fiddled with it a bit to tuck the edge under. She showed how to tuck it under using two forks, or, "If you're in the kitchen alone, you can just use your fingers like this."

Then she sprinkled the top with more parsley.

She showed putting various fillings in, and ended with a nice omelette party setup.

Since watching, I've tried a number of omelettes, both with and without fillings. And they're delicious! I used to think that I didn't like omelettes, because I don't like firm, leathery sides. These aren't like that at all, they're fluffy and flavorful. And even if you mess them up, they still taste great.

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