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Perfect Pancakes


This is my all-time favorite recipe was this one. Sadly, amaranth flour is not for sale in all parts of the country, but here in the Pacific Northwest it's part of the Bob's Red Mill line of specialty flours.

These pancakes are hearty and crammed with flavor before you dress them up at all. I like to eat them plain. They're also great with jam.

Amaranth Banana Pancakes

Combine two bowls and mix. Adjust the thickness of the batter by adding a little water or a little flour if necessary. It will be thick and lumpy, but should be thin enough so that when you ladel it on to the griddle, it oozes into a disk about 1/4" thick.

Fry on griddle set to 350°F. It isn't necessary to butter the griddle, but doing so will give a slightly crispy, buttery edge. Fry one side until bubbles develop. Then flip once and fry until ready.

The above recipe serves a crowd. It can be cut in half if desired.

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