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Mixer Bread



Proof the yeast

While you're letting the yeast proof, prep the measuring cup with 3 cups cold water. This is also a good time to do any other necessary prep work (such as setting up the scale or mixer).

Add remaining ingredients and start mixer


I use 3 cups cold rather than warm water because the mixer can heat up the dough.

Sometimes, it's not possible to wait for it to cool.

You can mix in other flours, but other flours don't rise as well as white bread or all-purpose flour. So you'll need to play around with the ratio of flours. You can also up the amount of yeast.

Instead of regular loaves, you can make other shapes. If you line cookie sheets with parchment paper, you can lay out cylinders for baguettes or roll the dough into small balls for rolls. Remember to slash a line in the top before you put them into the oven.

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