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Deep Fry Party


Last Saturday, Joy and I finally did deep-fry day. It went... okay.

I'd purchased a deep-fry appliance awhile ago. We used it once, it worked great but it wasn't worth using that much oil for two people. Joy was also interested in a deep-fry party, so we planned to do one last October, sometime between our birthdays.

Well, we didn't, so this year we decided that we must do it, so we set a date, with the plan to do it no matter how much prep we did or didn't do.

When the time came to start the deep-fryer, the (I thought) large bottle of oil wasn't enough, so Sarah took me to the store to pick up more. By the time we got back with the oil, the apartment was full of hungry people.

We started the deep-fryer, let it heat, and then got to frying. We turned out a couple of mushrooms, and then the next batch didn't seem to be frying very fast. I discovered the oil was cooling down. Oh no! The fryer had tripped.

After unsuccessfully trying to get it going, I left it to cool and got out the small, trusty cast-iron skillet I'd used in the past to fry stuff.

I fried and fried, and meanwhile other people tried to get the main deep-fryer going. Their consensus was that the reset button had broken off, and the fryer was dead.

I turned off the stove and went to rest for a bit, and before I could get up again Carol had taken over the frying. She kept frying until people pretended they were full.

So, it was frustrating at the start, but in the end I had a good time. And the next day Carol made another batch of hush puppies, which was a great way to start watching the game.

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