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Serious Eats 'Collard Greens Braised in Coconut Milk and Tomato Recipe' Take 1


Last night I took my best go at this recipe from Serious Eats:

I made a couple of changes and a couple of missteps:

-I added a poblano pepper (after broiling and skinning it) because I needed to use it up -I made half a batch, but put in a whole can of diced tomatoes (because I didn't want half a can left over -I accidentally used coconut cream instead of coconut milk. They're pretty similar except coconut cream has more fat. I didn't even know we had coconut cream in the house! -I didn't toast the coriander -I didn't use asafoetida because I didn't have any. -I cut back on the oil, figuring I didn't need to fry the collards in so much oil when I was adding coconut milk anyway (plus the milk turned out to be cream, whoops!)

This was my first time cooking with black cardamom, and the smell was amazing. So smoky and complicated! I added only one pod, afraid I'd overpower everything else, but I ended up wishing I'd added more.

The recipe came out tasty but a bit bland at first, so I added fish oil, brown sugar, and salt. It was still a bit bland until I reduced the sauce. My collard bunch was pretty small, so the leaves were a bit lost in some overly mild sauce. After reducing it, the results were tasty but very rich due to the concentrated coconut cream.

I can't fault the recipe, as I used it more as a loose guide than a rigid plan. I think canned diced tomatoes aren't a great choice to mix with coconut milk unless a long cook time is planned, as they hold together too much. I've heard that whole canned tomatoes actually fall apart easier. (No point in using rock hard supermarket ones.)

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