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Chef John's Chicken French


Chef John's Chicken French sounded so delicious! Sadly, it let me down and after two disappointing dinners, I won't be trying again.

First, the chicken NEEDS to be very flat and thin. I don't have a butcher nor was I able to get my breasts adequately flattened. (You're supposed to be able to pound/roll them out, but it wasn't sufficient.) This slowed down the cooking time by far too much and gave an overcooked-egg taste to the breading.

Second, the sauce sounds so delicous! Lemon, parsley, butter, olive oil, and sherry! But it just tasted sort of bleh. Maybe because the oil had picked up a distinct smoky flavor from how long it took the chicken.

Anyway, everything was so meh that even if I got properly processed breast meat, I wouldn't want to take another go.

It did get great reviews at though, so maybe someday?


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