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Argentinian Beef Empanada Mix


I got this recipe for beef Empanada filling from Bon Appetit author Gaby Melian. It's mildly sweet and a bit reminiscent of sloppy joes. Although designed for empanadas, it's tasty as a burrito filling, etc.



Fry the beef, leaving a bit of pink.

Saute onions and bell peppers until soft but not browned, about 6-8 min. Add cumin, paprika, cayenne, and oregano and cook until fragrant, about 1 min more. Add stock, sugar, salt, pepper, and ground beef. Simmer for ~15-20 minutes, until most of the water evaporates and you have a moist but not wet mix. Stir in raisins.

If using for empanadas, chill at least three hours first.

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