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Carrot Orange Salad


The carrots soften just enough so they're munchable, but not enough so they lose their crunch. The flavor is very orangy, even though visually the results look carrot-heavy. I suspect that the lemon and honey come across as rather orange-like.



Shred the carrots and place them in a bowl. As you perform the next steps, work over the bowl containing the carrots. You will generate a lot of juice, and you want it to go into the salad.

Slice the ends off each oranges. Then slice them into quarters.

Next, cut slices crosswise into the orange.

Then, cut into the orange from the side, cutting halway into the wedge.

Finally, cut into the orange from the other side, meeting your first slice. This will release the orange bits.

All this usually leaves a fair bit of orange stuck to the peel, but don't worry, it won't be wasted; it provides the rest of the juice which dresses the salad. Take those peels and squeeze as much juice from them as you can.

Then add the cinnamon and honey and stir well.

For an equally delicious variant, use shredded apple instead of orange, and add a few coarsely chopped dried cranberries.


The lemon juice is essential as a preservative–don't skip it!

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