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Lamb Curry



Stew Ingredients:

Spice Mix:


Prep ingredients

Caramelize onions if you started from raw–cook on medium heat in peanut oil, adding a head of minced garlic near the end. You will probably have extra so you can save some for other uses.

At the same time, put the water, potatoes, and carrots in a stock pot, bring to boil, then turn down to simmer and continue simmering as you add more ingredients.

Set aside any onions you want to save, then add eggplant. Cook until soft.

Add onions, eggplant, spice mix, ginger, and tomato sauce to the pot.

Then use the skillet to fry the lamb and red bell pepper until the lamb is cooked. Add sherry and soy to deglaze. Reduce the sauce. Add everything to the stock pot.

Simmer the stockpot for awhile (10–20 minutes) and then add the mint and start thickening it with the oat flour. Finish by stirring in the garam masala.

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