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Thai Red Curry with Tofu


Note that this recipe isn't vegetarian due to the fish sauce. This recipe is adapted from Hot Thai Kitchen. I like tofu but didn't feel the need to make a fully vegetarian dish.



Reconstitute the mushrooms in the hot water for about 30 minutes. When plump, cut off and discard the stems, which tend to be tough and woody. Slice the remaining mushrooms. Save the mushroom water to add to the curry.

Put about half the coconut milk in a pan and reduce it. Fresh coconut milk will separate when sufficiently reduced, but canned usually doesn't, so just cook it until it looks thick. Add the curry paste and smush it around, then whisk to incorporate it fully. Cook it for a bit to develop the flavors.

Thoroughly rinse the bamboo shoots.

Add the bamboo the rest of the coconut milk. Add some of the mushroom soaking liquid–about a cup to start. Add fish sauce, sugar, and lime leaves and simmer for a bit to let the flavors blend.

Adjust seasoning at this stage. The Mae Ploy curry paste and the fish sauce are both very salty, so the curry may taste excessively salty. A little sugar will tone it down, as will adding more of the mushroom water.

Add the tofu and red peppr and simmer a bit longer. Just before eating, stir in the basil leaves and simmer over very low heat until they melt a bit.

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