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Black Bean Burgers


I have found bean burgers to be suprisingly challenging. If the mix is too wet, it won't fry up nicely and it stays mushy inside. If it's too dry, it will crumble and never form patties in the first place.

This mix tasted great and was a modest step up in frying ease, but I still found the frying process to be fussy. Too hot and the Panko crumbs burned, too cold and the Panko crumbs just slurped up the oil. Next time I plan to try baking them. But since the flavor was a hit with both Uly and me, I wanted to record the recipe.



Drain and rinse the beans. Then put them in the oven at 350*F for 15 minutes to dry them out a little. (I think 10 min would probably be enough.)

Grate the carrot and mince the shallot and jalapenos.

Mix the dried beans, carrot, shallot, and spices. Then process in a food processor until the mix will stick together. The beans shouldn't be totally mushed, just broken apart. If it's too dry to mix, add more of one of the liquid ingredients (you can do this after you pull the mix out of the food processor to avoid breaking the beans down too much.)

Form into patties. Coat with Panko crumbs. Refrigerate until use.(The patties will firm up in the fridge, which is nice. They'll soften right back up as you cook them though, so use a spatula to move them once they're cooked.

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